Bike Derailleur Hanger Extender Kit


Bike Derailleur Hanger Extender Kit

About this item

  • HOLLOW OUT STYLE: The design should incorporate a hollow-out style that makes the product lightweight and visually appealing, without compromising its strength. This will enhance the overall user experience and increase its marketability.
  • 40MM CENTER DISTANCE: The product should have a 40mm center distance, which greatly enhances its compatibility. This will enable it to be easily suitable for mountain 40/42/46/50/52T and road 34/36/40/42T.
  • TPERFECT SIZE: The total length of the product should be only 63mm, which will achieve high compatibility and stability. A too short center distance affects compatibility, while a too long center distance affects stability.
  • UPGRADED STRUCTURE: The structure of the product should be upgraded to include accurate adjustment and increased response speed of variable speed. The limit position should be abolished to increase the fine-tuning range and make it easier to adjust. Additionally, the tail hook fitting surface should adopt radial grooves to increase friction and solve the problem of looseness caused by vibration during riding. With locking screw made of 7075 aluminum alloy, and the locking torque is greater.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Made with strong and durable aluminum alloy materials, this extender kit has a long life and is built to last. This will ensure that it can withstand regular usage and maintain its performance over time.

Product Description


Name: Bike Derailleur Hanger Extender Kit
Application Range: Suitable for mountain 40/42/46/50/52T and road 34/36/40/42T.
Size: 63*23*11.4mm(2.48*0.91*0.45in)
Weight: 18g/0.63oz
Color: Black
Material: Aluminum Alloy

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 Set Bike Derailleur Hanger Extender Kit.


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