Bike Nipple Driver Tool


Bike Nipple Driver Tool

About this item

  • EFFICIENT WHEEL BUILDING: The Nipple Driver is a must-have tool for winding up spoke nipples during wheel building, helping you build tensioned wheels efficiently.
  • EASY TO USE: With an extra-long design, the Nipple Driver prevents damage to the rim and works well with deep rims. Its comfortable grip centers and drives nipples accurately and quickly, saving you time and effort.
  • SECURE AND DURABLE: Made of high-strength stainless steel, the Nipple Driver is strong and durable, with a long service life. The spring-loaded head holds the nipple securely, and the design makes it easy to withdraw from the nipple, protecting the nipple from falling off into the rim cavity.
  • VERSATILE: The Nipple Driver can be attached to an electric screwdriver, greatly increasing the efficiency of spoke lacing and wheel building. It also comes with extra 2 PCS spare spring heads, 1 PC screw, and 1 PC installation tool, providing worry-free use.
  • ESSENTIAL TOOL: The Nipple Driver is designed to self-center and drive conventional bicycle wheel nipples onto spokes quickly and easily, making it a great time-saver and an essential tool for bicycle wheel building. Once your wheel is assembled, you’ll need a spoke wrench in order to build a true and tensioned wheel.


Name: Bike Nipple Driver Tool
Application Range: Suitable for bicycle wheels
Package Size: 16*10*1cm/6.3*3.94*0.39in
Weight: 90g/3.17oz
Color: Green
Material: Stainless Steel

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 PC Bike Nipple Driver Tool, Comes With Extra 2 PCS Spare Spring Heads, 1 PC Screw, and 1 PC Installation Tool.


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