Manual Tube Cutter

Cutting wheels is made by high quality alloy steel,for cutting Copper/Brass/Aluminum/Steel/PVC/Plastic tube.
Mainly used for bike front fork cut,seatpost/seat tube/steerer tube cut, air conditioner installation,vehicle repair .
Crafted and Sturdy Design:Solid ergonomic feel and consistent tracking make cutting tubes a very comfortable and quick task
With a replaceable blade and a built-in deburrer.
NOTE:The adjustable range of SILVER is 1/4″-1-5/8″ (6mm-42mm), and BLUE is 1/8 to 1-3/16 inch (4mm-30mm).


Manual Tube Cutter

Cutting OD: 1/4″-1-5/8″(6-42mm).
Weught: 0.55 lb(255g)
Color: Silver

Easy to use
Rotate the knob to grasp the tube, rotate the cutter around the tube, turn twice, tighten the knob, repeat until the cut is complete, then use a file to deburr

This tube cutter is designed for fast, safe, clean, smooth and precise cutting for tubes, pipes, hoses made of PE, PVC, rubber, brass, copper or stainless steel.
Mainly used for cutting bicycle forks/seatpost/seat tube/steering tube,Water, Electricity, Heating, Air Conditioning Plumbing Installation installation,vehicle repair .
With a built-in deburre you can finish your work simply and efficiently.
We also provide a spare blade for longer service life.

GOLDEAL’s products come with a lifetime warranty.


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